What will it cost to self-publish your book? Don't forget editing

Whether you are published by a traditional house or you go the route of self-publishing, you might not know the true costs you face on the road to delivering your book to readers.

Trade publishers are doing less and less for authors these days, transferring a lot of the burden for editing, promotion and other necessities to the writer. And self-publishers bear the entire burden.

The cost most overlooked is editing. Professional editing can make the difference in selling your book to a trade publisher, or in its success as a self-published work. Some independent editors (or "book doctors") charge as much as $5,000 for their services. A marvelous recent article by writer's assistant Mary Babic about the costs of self-publishing estimate editing in the range of $2,000-$2,500.

Because I was annoyed at how some unscrupulous "editors" were taking advantage of would-be authors' dreams, I purposely offer the lowest available rate for my editing services: one penny per word. That means for the average 70,000-word manuscript, you'd pay only $700 ... and you get the benefit of a bestselling author's experience to maximize your chances of publication.

No matter which route you take, consider how professional editing might help you sell your book ... to an editor or to a large group of readers.

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