How a professional editor can help you

Too many writers are seduced by the mythology of solitude as a writer's fate. Fact is, writers must be plugged into a vast array of networks for research, reading, advice, moral support, and all the other necessary acts that help make a story into a book ... such as editing.

And because I appreciate the necessity of networks, I won't hold forth on this topic. I'll let a colleague do it! Author Joanna Penn, who wrote the novel "Pentecost," made an eloquent video argument for hiring professional editors in a recent post at her blog. Among the reasons she says you should get professional help with your manuscript:
  • Professional editors can improve your work. They can be objective about your manuscript and give you the best tips possible for your work. We all want to send our best work out there.
  • They see so many manuscripts in specific genres so they will pick up things that amateurs won’t
  • You likely need a pro editor even if you are looking for a publishing deal. You need to submit the best book you possibly can to an agent or publisher. If you’re self-publishing you need it even more.
  • An editor will do different things e.g. editorial review on plot, structure, ways to make it more publishable all the way to line editing/copyediting
Convinced? If you'd like to hear how I could help you polish your manuscript, just check out all the details in the right-hand column.

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Joanna Penn said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for mentioning my post and book on your site. I certainly am a huge fan of editors - all writers need them. It's very hard to see the flaws in your own work, especially when you've read it so many times!
Also, it must be acknowledged that all published books have typos in - even those that have been edited a number of times!
so we all have to forgive a little error :) The marvelous thing about ebooks is that we can fix up any errors later by uploading a new version.
Thanks, Joanna