Praise from a NYTimes bestseller!

"My first editor at HarperCollins was top-notch. My second editor at Dutton was a class act. Both were unquestionably AAA. But it wasn’t until I found Ron Franscell that I made it to the Big Leagues. For the past several years, Ron has been my editor on everything from several page articles, and press releases, to a complete edit and revision of my 800-page, true-crime book, Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder. Ron’s trial-by-fire and street cred as a veteran journalist and bestselling author have given him the know-how and eye to edit without changing the author’s voice. A rare gift! He gets five stars. There is good, there is better, and then there is Ron Franscell—The Best."
New York Times bestselling author of BLACK DAHLIA AVENGER
Los Angeles, Calif.

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rachel said...

So what would be the best way of finding a competent, reputable editor?

Ron Franscell said...

Rachel, like every other major purchase, it pays to shop around. There are many good independent editors ("book doctors") out there ... and maybe three times as many bad ones.

Look for an editor with publishing experience, not just a person who "has always been a good speller." Publishing experience gives you more than proofreading ... it gives you authentic guidance about the messy process of getting a book to market.

Look for someone with some experience in editing the kind of book you have written. If you've penned a memoir, maybe you don't want an editor who has only done Christian romances.

Also look for endorsements--like the one above--from successful authors. They tell the story better than all the marketing!

Here's a piece by my friend Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware that might help you. Good luck in your search!